Shanti Garden, Bronxville, NY
Landscape and garden design for home in Bronxville, New York
Lawn design and installation in Bronxville
window boxes and container garden
Outdoor lighting in Bronxville Westover project
Stone outdoor steps
Pool & Gardens, Scarsdale, NY
Scarsdale NY pool install photo
Scarsdale pation and landscape design thumbnail
Pool detail at Westover pool design and construction in Scarsdale
Pool deck and salt water swimming pool
Landscaping and garden design thumbnail
Outdoor fire place and patio area at Westchester County home
Stone steps and stone wall in landscaping
Container gardening in Westchester, NY
Landscape design and grass steps
La Paz, Scarborough, NY
Outdoor fire place and patio in Scarborough, New York
inground trampoline and gardens in along the Hudson
Brick walls, lawn and gardens
vegetable garden in Scarborough, NY
stone stairs within garden design
Garden in Yonkers, New York
Historic garden
Brick walls and fencing on patio
Garden design and planting in Yonkers, NY
Brick and stone within garden design
Outdoor fire place and patio in Mamaroneck, New York
Fireplace outdoors
Brick walls and fencing on patio
Garden design and planting in Mamaroneck, NY
Brick and stone wall within garden design
Patio with Hudson River views by Westover Landscape Design
Outdoor grill and kitchen in Tarrytown, NY
Stone wall and patio in Tarrytown, NY
Outdoor kitchen
Patio with spa in Westchester County, NY
Containers and Gardens, Purchase, New York
Patio and outdoor fireplace with garden furniture
Container garden in Westchester
Container garden and patio with stone walls
Outdoor seating and patio
Outdoor sculpture and planting at Purchase, New York home
Cottage Garden, New Rochelle, New York
Wood fence and garden in New Rochelle
Plantings and garden
Lawn and garden design
Pebble patio with stepping stones and outdoor seating
Garden pot sculpture and water feature with plantings
Romantic Tarrytown Terrace, Tarrytown, New York
Fencing and patio in Tarrytown, NY
Patio furniture with slate patio and garden
Stale patio with grasses
Outdoor seating and dining in small patio garden
Climbing shrubs and grasses in patio garden in Westchester, NY
Serene Townhouse Garden, Briarcliff Manor, New York
Outdoor chairs on deck
Outdoor patio and chair on stone with garden in background
Lawn and garden design in Briarcliff Manor, NY
Outdoor water sculpture with ferns and rocks
Water sculpture with patio in background
Westover on Hudson, Tarrytown, New York
Garden detail in Tarrytown, NY
Pebble patio with outdoor furniture and flower gardens
Adirondack chair within garden setting
Decorative trees and shrubs
Garden containers and stone walls in Westchester County